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Yarns, twines, cords

Yarns, Twines and Cords

Jute yarn and jute string

For all creative people who are always looking for new decoration ideas, we recommend coloured jute cord and jute yarn in many colours and lengths. Coloured jute yarn is a natural product made from 100% pure jute. Typical for natural jute is its very own silky sheen. Our jute is made from selected raw materials. It is high-quality and of excellent quality.

Just like the natural-coloured jute yarn, the coloured jute yarn is approx. 2 - 3 mm thick and very tear-resistant. Your parcels, small parcels and gifts get a very individual touch with coloured jute string. Try it out! Use colorful jute cord for creative packaging of your gifts, for flower arrangements, for wedding decorations, birthday gifts and for Christmas. Hanging labels, hang tags, name tags and price tags can be attached quickly and easily with jute cord.

Baker's Twine or Baker's Yarn

Our range of baker's twine is just as extensive as our range of multicoloured jute cords. Do you value the best quality and unique material? Then our pure cotton baker's twine is just right for you!

You will find monochrome, two-coloured and three-coloured baker's yarns in our assortment. Our bakers twine is made of high-quality cotton. Cotton is a pure natural product and is completely biodegradable. Use this plain or two-tone cotton cord to wrap and decorate stylish packaging, creative packages and packages with gifts and small surprises for birthday, Christmas or wedding.

Bakers twine is perfect for handicrafts, hanging labels, price tags and dress labels, tying flowers, bouquets and flower arrangements for weddings, gardens and as a hobby. Baker's thread is suitable as a ribbon and decorative string.