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Glues and adhesives

Eco-friendly paper glues, all-purpose adhesives and peel and seal

In this category you will find eco-friendly glues, peel and seal and all-purpose adhesives. The adhesives are sustainable, biodegradable and non-toxic. With these adhesives you can join many materials very easily.

The starch-based paper and office glue "Pro Coll" is a non-toxic paper glue that can also be removed effortlessly from surfaces after drying. The paper glue is particularly suitable for gluing paper, carton and cardboard. We recommend it for all gluing work in the office for craft work at home.

The all-purpose glue "Multi Coll" is not only very suitable for paper and carton, but also glues materials such as wood, textiles, cork and many other materials very well. We recommend it for your handicraft work at home or for everyday use in the household.

The "Contact Coll" all-purpose peel and seal adhesive is something special. When used wet, it permanently bonds many materials. However, if you let it dry before bonding, it becomes a transparent peel and seal that can be used to attach and detach all objects without leaving any residue. We recommend it, for example, for homemade stickers and labels or notepads.