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Tools and Accessories

Tools - Stamps, Punching tools, Pens

We offer a large selection of wooden and contour stamps for designing gift tags, envelopes, gift packages, boxes, folders and much more.

Take a look at our assortment to find the right stamp pad for your project. You will not only find many beautiful colours, but also colours with very different properties for different techniques.

Motif punches with different sizes and motifs are ideal for punching out small shapes and figures from paper, thin cardboard, (kraft cardboard up to 225 g/m²), cork, foils and other light materials for craft work, for gluing, perforating or as confetti.

We offer high-quality gel rollers, drawing pens and calligraphy pens for drawing, illustrating and colouring to match our kraft board and black recycled board.

Folding and drawing plates in different sizes are a helpful tool for your handicraft work, which makes accurate folding, creasing and folding of paper, cardboard, paperboard, kraft cardboard possible.

Folding bones from cattle bones in various lengths are a simple and versatile folding tool for folding, folding, smoothing paper, cardboard, paperboard and kraftboard. Folding boxes with snap-on lids can be folded and assembled even faster and cleaner with a folding leg.