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Grooving and folding

Folding Tools

Folding and drawing plates in various sizes are a helpful tool for your handicraft work, which makes accurate folding, creasing and folding of paper, cardboard, paperboard, kraft cardboard possible.

Envelopes, pocket folders and boxes with and without slip-on lids can be folded and assembled even faster and more accurately with this multifunctional drawing board. Excellent for all design and craft work with kraft board, kraft paper and scrapbooking papers.

Folding sticks in various lengths are a simple and versatile folding tool for folding and smoothing paper, cardboard, paperboard and kraftboard. Folding boxes with snap-on lids can be folded and assembled even faster and cleaner with a folding stick.

Excellent for all handicraft work, bookbinding work, rubbing letters and beautiful smooth edges on kraft board and kraft paper. Our folding tools are made from cattle bones. They are a sustainable natural product and are completely biodegradable.