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Pencils, inks, colours

Pens, inks, colours

Crayons, pencils, callygraphy-pens

We offer high-quality gel rollers, drawing pens and calligraphy pens for drawing, illustrating and colouring to match our kraft cardboard and black recycled cardboard.
Some of them are also fully opaque on dark paper and cardboard and are suitable for art and design, cartoons and mangas, scrapbooking and bullet journals and are indispensable tools for many painting and drawing techniques.

Stamp pads

Here you get high-quality stamp pads from well-known manufacturers. We offer not only a variety of colours but also different stamping inks for different techniques.

  • Stamp pad with slow drying, acid free ink, ideal for embossing and mixing. Durable when dry.
  • Fast drying stamping ink for work with matt fresco or pastel chalk effects on paper.
  • Slow-drying stamping inks in metallic ink tones
  • Permanent oil-based stamping ink for the finest details, quick-drying and waterproof