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Filling and cushioning

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SizzlePak is your eco-friendly and creative paper filling material.

SizzlePak is a new filling material for filling and cushioning your gifts and gift wrappings.

This creative padding material is made from dyed paper, zig-zag folded and cut into approximately 3mm narrow strips.

SizzlePak is an excellent packaging idea to safely cushion wine bottles, perfume, watches, toys, porcelain. Among the huge selection of colours you will certainly find your favourite colour or the right tone to match your corporate colours.

If you can't find your colour - ask us!

SizzlePak is also used as a litter decoration for the festive table or gift table.

Present small gifts for birthdays or Christmas stylishly and optically with the matching color to the gift packaging.

This filling material is delivered ready to use. You can process it almost dust-free and it is 100% biodegradable.