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Doypacks and Boxpouches

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Doypacks are versatile stand-up pouches with a bottom gusset. They usually have an aroma barrier, which can vary in strength depending on the type of doypack. Doypacks or aroma bags are usually two-ply. The outer layer is often made of paper. The inner layer can be made of paper, foil or aluminum. This inner layer serves to actually protect the contents and their aroma. These stand-up pouches are closed with so-called zippers, pressure seal and they are welded. Doypacks made of mono-paper are particularly eco-friendly and ecological, because both layers are made of paper. The aroma protection - i.e. the barrier - is naturally not as strong as with inner layers made of foil or even aluminum. Doypacks are particularly popular for storing foodstuffs and semi-luxury foods that are particularly worthy of protection and aroma (e.g. coffee, tea). Doypacks are suitable for storing dry, moist, liquid and non-fatty foodstuffs, cosmetics, cleaning and care products.