Sample packaging kraft cardboard, paperboard, cardboard recycling

Sample copies of packaging order

In this section you will find products that can be ordered as individual tiles.

All patterns are similar to the products in the shop, but they are bound as individual items and not available on a minimum purchase.

Please note: Sample copies are significantly more expensive than the "normal" products in the shop.

Please note that there is no samples on volume discounts.

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1 pattern set CD packaging, cardboard, brown, unprinted

Product no.: MP01-KK

12.50 € *
In Stock and available
Delivery weight: 151 g

2 samples: Kraft cardboard CD wallet

Product no.: 1102110003

3.00 € *
In Stock and available
Delivery weight: 151 g

Sample pac with cd case PacNo. 2 black, white, brown

Product no.: PN2-MP

5.95 € *
Delivery weight: 60 g

1 set A4 kraft cardboard, 2 sheets 225, 244, 283 + 410 g/m²

Product no.: KK-MU-A4

6.00 € / set(s) *
In Stock and available
Delivery weight: 250 g
Prices include VAT. Additionally delivery.