Vinyl (LP, Maxi, Single)

Cardboard packaging for LP, EP and single, vinyl records

We currently offer 2 carton packaging for long-playing records (LP, 12 inches) and a cardboard sleeve for single plates (7 inch format). At other packaging kraft board for vinyl records, we are currently working.

For those who did not know it:
A record is a circular, usually black disk, which serves as an analog audio equipment for sound signals.

Colloquially, since about the late 1980s, the word vinyl in use, previously mainly plate or disc has been said earlier was the appointment by the playback device: gramophone record. After the material, the record is called as vinyl record, vinyl disc, gramophone records, shellac disc. (from Wikipedia record)

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LP sleeve 12 inch, kraft cardboard 283 g/m³, brown, unprinted

Product no.: 1402110065

1.39 *
Delivery period: 1 - 2 working days
Delivery weight: 86 g

LP sleeve with hole 100 mm, for 12" Vinyl, kraft cardboard

Product no.: 1402110226

1.39 *
Delivery period: 1 - 2 working days
Delivery weight: 0.083 kg

7" Single vinyl sleeve, kraft cardboard, unprinted

Product no.: 1402110227

NO LONGER IN OUR ASSORTMENT! Can be re-produced on request (from 100 pieces).
Please send your request to

Delivery weight: 31 g

LP sleeve, pre-punched, not glued, unprinted, kraft cardboard

Product no.: 1402110515

0.95 *
Delivery period: 1 - 2 working days
Delivery weight: 80 g
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