for CD and DVD

CD packaging made ​​of Kraft cardboard and recycled paper

CD covers, wallets, Digifile for DVD, sleeve and cardboard cases made of brown kraft paper and kraft cardboard are eco-friendly packaging

CD cases, covers, slipcases and holders made from recycled cardboard and recycled paper can be designed in many ways and further processed by punching, stamping, printing, folding and labeling.

CD Digifile you get with a slot for a CD or 2 slots for 1 CD and a booklet or on two CD.

A CD packaging made of cardboard, gray cardboard or cardboard are popular with photographers, wedding photographers, musicians, bands, agencies and video artists.

The packaging is suitable not only for CDs but also for DVD and Blu-ray silver discs.

Packaging, LP covers and cover made of cardboard and Kraton for LP 12 inch or Single Vinyl Covers 7 inch order and buy at natural packaging unprinted and printed.

The cardboard or paperboard is robust, stable and can be creatively and individually. This can be very simple CD cases make itself.

  • storage pocket made of natural cardboard brown, unprinted
  • CD case PacNo. 2, digipac ProfilePac: black, white, colored or brown (nature), with window
  • CD case PacNo. 3, CD package with 2 pockets for CD and booklet blank, brown
  • cardboard cd packaging
  • Sample order and individual items

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CD case, window and slot for CD and booklet, black, smooth (PN2)

Product no.: 1106110076

NO LONGER IN OUR ASSORTMENT! Can be re-produced on request (from 100 pieces).
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CD wallet, gray cardboard 300 g/m², blank

Product no.: 1104110352

Currently unavailable.
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37 - 38 of 38 results