About "Natural packaging"

Natural packaging - kraft paper, cardboard, envelopes and wood

Natural packaging - kraft paper, cardboard, envelopes and wood

What does "Natürlich verpacken"?

On behalf of our webshop "Natürlich verpacken" hides a double meaning. Where the word "verpacken" is the unique part. "verpacken" is "pack" or "package" in English.

The word "natürlich" on the other hand has been in the German mine least two meanings.
First, it may mean: of nature, natural, organic, pure, environmentally friendly, eco friendly and sustainable.

Second, the word "natürlich" may be in German also mean: of course, without question, definitely or certainly.

The idea of "Natürlich verpacken"

Our customers asked us, but also offer packages that are available in small quantities and can be personalized.

We have promised to take care of us for it.

With the opening of this webshop you'll have the opportunity to order your CD and DVD packaging at low cost even in small quantities.

We are constantly expanding the range. It was recently expanded our range to pockets of brown recycled cardboard (with and without hole punching).

Register as a customer. Make your selection together and learn about the status of all orders.

Our service for you: We create for you and your projects individual offers. We also take care to ensure that your CDs and DVDs pressed, be printed and packaged.

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