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Kraft cardboard and Kraftpaper

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Kraft cardboard and kraft paper for printing, crafting and design

Kraft Cardboard

The unique two-layer design of our kraft cardboard offers an even surface with an attractive appearance. Natural brown appearance and good printability make our kraft board ideal for the producing of boxes, folders, CD cases and other products.

Due to its excellent moisture resistance, kraft cardboard can be used for many demanding packaging applications and is also suitable for food.

Our kraft cardboard is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certified.Kraftboard is available in the following thicknesses and paper weights (grammages):

  • The thinnest has a paper thickness of 225 g/m². This cardboard is very flexible. It is suitable for self-made envelopes, envelopes and gift wrappings.
  • The next thinner has a grammage of 244 g/m². It is flexible and can be printed with most inkjet printers.
  • The average one has a grammage of 283 g/m². It is the standard board for almost all packaging solutions such as CD packaging, presentation folders or folding boxes. We use it e.g. for all brown CD packaging here in the shop. It is considerably stiffer than the 244-gram cardboard.
  • The strong one has a basis weight of 410 g/m². It is the most stable cardboard and has a high stiffness. It cannot be printed with a normal printer. Like the other two cardboard grammage, it is suitable for handicrafts and design, for scrapbooking and for book covers.

The craft sheets are machine-smooth and have slightly different sides.

Postcards made of kraft cardboard

Kraftboard is available as cardboard, for the production of cards and for use as postcard, greeting card, birthday card or invitation card in the formats A6, B6, DIN long as simple postcard or as folding card.Kraft cardboard and kraft paper are particularly popular for the design of weddings. In combination with red ribbons and white paper, gift packaging, invitation cards, place cards and decorations can be created.

Kraft paper

You know packing paper and kraft paper probably from shopping. Both types of paper are often used to wrap flowers, flower arrangements or gifts or as padding material.Our kraft paper is available as soda kraft paper made from sulphate pulp or as soda blended paper with recycled content. We offer the following designs and strengths:

  • Smooth or ribbed as well as in the
  • Paper thickness 70 g/m² or 100 g/m²
  • Size A4 or A3

Due to its high tensile strength, soda kraft paper with a paper thickness of only 70 g/m² ² is still very stable and suitable for many applications.