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CD, DVD and LP sleeves

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Eco friendly packaging is also trendy for CDs, DVDs and LPs.

We offer various CD sleeves, LP covers, CD pockets, digifiles, digisleeves and DVD files made of kraft cardboard as well as black and white recycled cardboard.

Cardboard packaging for CDs and slipcases made of recycled cardboard and kraft cardboard can be individualised in many ways. Design your unprinted CD packaging with stamps or stickers. CD Digifile is available with one slot for one CD or with 2 slots for 1 CD and one booklet or for two CDs.

A CD packaging made of kraft cardboard or recycled cardboard is popular with photographers, musicians, bands, agencies and video artists.Order CD packaging, LP sleeves and cardboard covers for LP 12 inches or Single Vinyl sleeves 7 inches and buy unprinted at Natürlich verpacken.

Do you want printed CD sleeves? You can reach our printing service at: 030 49 87 66 88.