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Envelopes and Mailers

Envelopes and mailers

We offer a wide range of envelopes in DIN long (DL), C4, C5, C6, C7, business card and square formats.

The envelopes, pockets and envelopes are made of coloured paper, recycled paper or stable kraft paper in various shades of brown. The surface of the envelopes is smooth, rough or ribbed, the closure flaps are pointed, diagonal or straight.

In addition to wet and self-adhesive envelopes, we also offer envelopes with special closures.

Envelopes with string and button closure

A special highlight is the string and button closure or Japan closure. This closure consists of one or two oiled cardboard discs around which a thread is wrapped. These Japan envelopes can be sent with the "normal" letter post. An advantage of this envelope is the possibility to open the envelope with the thread closure at any time without having to destroy the closure or the envelope.

The production of the closure is more complex than with the usual mailing bags. The result is a chic and individual product.

Envelopes with butterfly closure

Our envelopes with butterfly fasteners are also noble and unusual. They are particularly suitable for invitations and congratulatory mail. These envelopes have flaps that are shaped like the wings of a butterfly or like a small heart. Fold the wings of the butterfly upwards, thread them through the elongated hole under the other flap and fold the wings back again. For mailing, stick a sticker or tape on the closure. This will prevent it from opening accidentally.