Folding box DIN long, 11.5 x 22.5 x 3 cm, brown, kraft cardboard, with lid - 10 boxes/set

Item number: 1302111022

EAN: 4260474675357

Folding box with lid, inside: approx. 22.5 x 11.5 cm, approx. 3 cm high, unprinted, brown, kraft cardboard 283 g/m², FSC and PEFC certified, suitable for dry, non-fatty food, supplied flat
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  • Rectangular box, cardboard box, photo box, DIY gift box
  • Contents of set: 10 bottoms and 10 slip covers
  • Size (inside): 115 x 225 mm, ca. 30 mm filling height
  • Material: Kraft paper, kraft cardboard 283 g/m²
  • Surface: matt, smooth, unprinted
  • two-ply after folding

For those who value stable quality, flexible design options and eco-friendly paper, our folding boxes made of kraft cardboard are just the right thing!

Ideal with two layers after folding .

Ideal as a photo box and gift box for sharing photos, greeting cards and gifts with customers, friends and family


We deliver these folding boxes flat (unfolded). This makes it easy for you to customise them by stamping, printing, gluing and painting.

Customise your box yourself:The brown kraft cardboard of these boxes can be easily stamped, glued, labelled and beautifully designed with stickers and ribbons.

Especially popular with professional and amateur photographers.

The bottom, lid and side walls of the boxes are double-layered after folding. This makes them very stable and relatively robust.

  1. TIP: Glue the inner layers and tuck-in flaps for extra stability.
  2. TIP: Use a folding leg to fold your folding boxes. This will make the edges nice and straight and close fitting.

Shipping weight:
1.05 Kg
10.00 piece
Kraft cardboard
Blue and silver
Size (inside):
225 x 115 x 30 mm (22,5 x 11,5 x 3,0 cm)
Boden und Deckel mit Griffloch
smooth, uncoated, unbleached
Paper weight:
283 g/m²
No, not suitable for foodstuffs
FSC certified, PEFC certified, fully recyclable
Intended use:
Cardboard box, Jewelry box, photo box, gift box, CD packaging, storage, archiving cardboard box
Download the folding instructions here. You can also print this step-by-step guide with photos after downloading.
Download folding instructions (PDF, 900 KB)

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